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Almost daily we seek out advice, and it’s never too hard to find. An online search will turn up a near endless supply of directives. But when we are trying to find our way out of a really tough spot, we turn to those that know the subject well, and they know us too. They genuinely care about us, and they see the challenge we face through our eyes.

Throughout her career as a writer, editor and communications strategist, Margaret Colson has provided critical assistance, service and advice for those working in the media. Now, based on her experience, her years of research, and a deep well of relationships, Colson has written a text for anyone facing the need to communicate more effectively, especially those in Christian leadership. There are times when we all need a brief word of advice in a critical moment, and then there are the times when we may face something so daunting that we don’t even know how or where to begin. In “At the Crossroads: A Crisis Communications Guide for Christian Leaders,” Colson comes alongside us and offers important, timely, valuable advice. It is a book for our time. It is a book for now.

Jim Veneman

Not only is Margaret an eloquent wordsmith, she knows how to ask the questions and observe the details that every reader is interested in. She takes ordinary stories and transforms them into compelling and heartwarming slices of life. She allows her readers to have a front-row seat on the journey she masterfully creates for them. Margaret is a pleasure to work with, possesses an innate talent for storytelling and is a communications professional and strong leader in every sense of the word.

Sheryl Hash

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